Karsten Salveson ’19

Karsten Salveson - Google Chrome 2015-10-10 23.08.44

Baby Bird, Michelle, #1651, The BFG

Voice part:
Tenor 1

Moving Objects, minor in telekinesis

Favorite drink:
Colt 45


Places in Octet history:
Sing-Ins 2015, 75th Anniversary Concert, Sing-Ins 2016, The Greatest Trick the Octet Ever Pulled, Sing-Ins 2017, The House that Judge Built

The birthing barn, Butter sculptures, Long-snapping, Short-snapping, The Class of 1952, The number 3.5, His mom, Lil Yachty, Nickelback, Colgate, Winning football games, Calling people out, Tom

Tardiness, Tenor 1, Clean ties, Losing football games, People who call soccer “football”, Tom