Chris Washington ’18

11055260_979850998700676_7519418331180407766_o (1)Nickname:C-Wash, C-Dubs

Voice part:

Tending Goal ;)

Favorite drink:
A cup of balls

Places in Octet history:
Sing-Ins 2014, the Westport Odyssey, Sing-Ins 2015, 75th Anniversary Concert, The Greatest Trick the Octet Ever Pulled

Cradling (lacrosse balls,┬áinfants), pong, nursing homes, the Washington fam, the trill at the end of “Kissed By A Rose” (mmmm…), Sarah, Tomatoes, Farming, The Octet, Everyone, Smiles, “Sent from my iPod”

Inevitable comparisons to his sister, Brad’s abuse of him, Kevin’s refusal to allow him to sit places, the rest of the group’s obsession with him, College, Technology

Chris is serving as Business Manager for 2015-2016.