Nickname: Bieber, Brother Bear, That Swimmer on TikTok, “Dropkick me Cole Mason”

Voice Part: Tenor 1, Tenor 2

Major: Sass

Favorite Drink: Double shot of Tequila chased with Wuyi tea

Places in Octet History: Sing-Ins 2019, Yankees Game 2019, Pub Crawl 2020, The Oc-COVID Hiatus

Likes: Silence, 4th dimension, Patagonia, Age, GeoPolitics – ThinkProgress, “Colo-rad-o has never done anything wrong,” MIDIs, Google Sheets, Kenny’s TikToks

Dislikes: Kevin, Matt, The Octet, Falsettos, Talking, Nonners

Cole will serve as Business Manager for 2020 – 2021.