Jace Forbes-Cockell ’16

@JaceOfHearts, Jachay Tobago

Voice part:
Tenor 2

The Bachelor

Favorite drink:
Passive Resistance Rum ‘n’ Coke

Places in Octet history:
Homecoming Reunion 2013, Dartmouth, Pub Crawl 2013, Dartmouth Debacle, Shirtless Trinity of Frosh, Best PC Drink 2013, Sing Ins 2013 (O Holy Night), great upset in Oc-CJ history, The Reckoning, Sing-Ins 2014, the Westport Odyssey

Tweeting at actresses from The Bachelor, fleeing from the authorities, practicing non-violence, Caleigh, dirty Jenga, frat houses, Margot, holding doors, rowing, paper towels

The Bachelor spoilers, shoes, leaving frat houses, being a JA

Jace is serving as co-President for 2015-16.