JC Bahr-de Stefano ’17

John Charles Bahr-de Stefano, the Smaller Italian

Voice part:
Tenor 2

Looking good, playing gooder

Favorite drink:
Haterade, Sex on the Beach

Places in Octet history:
Sing-Ins 2013 (O Holy Night), adding to the formidable force of Octet members with hyphenated surnames, Sing-Ins 2014, Sing-Ins 2015, 75th Anniversary Concert, The Greatest Trick the Octet Ever Pulled

TL, Sports, pterodactyls, tranquility, exploring his inner zen, headbutting children on the field, scooters, awkwardly timed noises, screwing in lightbulbs, petting goats, exploring other cultures, Entry Sing-Ins, Barry, Girls

Strikes, Beefapalooza, Opening his eyes all the way, Wind, Squids, Girls, Road Trips

JC is Co-President for 2016-2017.