Jimmy Miotto ’18

12642621_1014493331941665_7728238736615898023_n (1)Nickname:
The Italian Stallion, Jimbo, James Peter, Jimboo, Bublé

Voice part:
Tenor 1

Bipartisanship, Falsetto

Favorite drink:
A grande Miotto with skim, €4 champagne

Places in Octet History:
Sing-Ins 2014, the Westport Odyssey, Sing-Ins 2015, 75th Anniversary Concert, The Greatest Trick the Octet Ever Pulled (in absentia), Sing-Ins 2017, The House that Judge Built

Bears, Music stands, the Octet, Screwing up in Final Jeopardy!, San Pellegrino, Italy, Being fiendishly fine, Adventures, Snapchat, Dean Martin, Her Royal Highness Elizabeth Warren, The Paris Boys Choir

Nuts that aren’t peanuts, the Line at Snack Bar, Perrier, Octet road trips, Pneumonia, Scott Brown, Waiting for others to learn music, People who call football “soccer”, Uncleanliness, Age, the Octet’s hatred of Michael Bublé, Yearlong bouts of FOMO

Jimmy served as Business Manager for 2015-2016 and Communications Director for 2014-2015.