Donut Man, “Really, Sameer?”

Voice part:
Baritone, Beatbox

Comedic Timing

Favorite Drink:
Dunkin’ Energy Punch (Blue Raspberry Flavor)

Places in Octet history:
Sing-Ins 2017, The House that Judge Built

Impersonating Michael Scott, Sameer, Putting his foot in his mouth, Emaun, Boots, Cats, The Ephlats

Being a Freshman, Humor, Karsten

Sameer will serve as President for 2020 – 2021.

Sameer served as Social Coordinator for the fall of 2019 – 2020.

Sameer served as Business Manager for the fall of 2018 – 2019.

Sameer served as Communications Director for 2017 – 2018.