Steven-Louis Dreyfus ’17

SLD, The Philosopher King, Steve, Puppy, Esteban

Voice part:
Tenor 1

Storytelling, minor in Listening Skills

Favorite drink:
The Dirty Socrates

Places in Octet history:
Homecoming Reunion 2013, Dartmouth, taking the Putnam, Pub Crawl 2013, Dartmouth Debacle, Shirtless Trinity of Frosh, Best PC Drink 2013, Sing-Ins 2013 (O Holy Night), The Reckoning, Sing-Ins 2014, the Westport Odyssey

Backflips, rock climbing, bouldering, gymnastics, telling stories, sharing feelings, bikes, toe shoes, crushing midterms, “The A Team,” K’Nex, Peter Pan, fashion camp, moisturizer, dresses, the “hard d,” Barry

People who frown, places you can’t bring a bicycle, things you can’t do in bare feet, growing up

Steven has served as Music Director from 2014-2017.