Tom Robertshaw ’19

12471497_10153360563772379_1694859477795742860_o (2)
Thomas, Buddha, Po

Voice part:
Tenor 2

Theatrics, Loch Lomond

Favorite drink:
Universe Juice, Anything with beer, Chicken broth, Chili à la Jace

Places in Octet history:
Sing-Ins 2015, 75th Anniversary Concert, The Greatest Trick the Octet Ever Pulled

Sandals, Story-telling, God and Jesus playing golf, Bodily Noises, Making people laugh, Santa Claus, Taft, Paul, Scotland, Wine from home, The Parting Glass, Blending, Corduroy Pants

Athletes, Fitness, Shaving, Survival, Stories without happy endings, Brunettes, Bennett’s sweaters