So you’re interested in trying out for the Octet. That’s awesome – whether you’re a veteran with years of concert and choir experience, a shower singer, or just someone who thinks hanging out and laying down some sweet, sweet harmonies would be pretty chill, you should come give it a shot. The only requirements are that you are a current Williams student and a dude. The auditions process happens every year during the first few weeks of the semester and is divided up into a few sections:

1. Check us out
If you’re a freshman, come meet us at the Purple Key Fair and see us perform a song at the student-group Jamboree, both of which will happen during the first couple of weeks of school and will be attended by you and your entry. If you’re an upperclassman, you probably have a decent sense of what the group is like. If not, ask around, check out the website, shout at one of us in the middle of a dining hall, or just send us an email. Basically figure out if this is something you might be into.

2. Sign up
There are a few ways to get an audition. If you make it to the Purple Key Fair, you’ll find us at a table with our master sign-up list, probably definitely with candy, ready to chat about whatever’s on your mind. After the fair, the audition schedule will go up on the wall of Paresky mailroom, where you’ll be able to sign up at your discretion any time over the next few days. If all else fails, you can shoot the business manager an email at

3. Try out
Auditions are pretty short and very casual. We’ll walk you through some warm-ups and basic vocal exercises, you’ll sing us about a minute of whatever solo material you want, and then you’ll be done.

4. Come back for more
If we call you back, your name will be on a list posted in Paresky mailroom and you’ll have an email in your inbox the night after auditions end. The callback itself is still casual, but a bit more in-depth than the audition, so we can get to know each other better, much like a second date but with your bros.

5. Celebrate
On Saturday night, if you’ve made it into the group, we will find you wherever you are and we will sing to you. And then we will party until dawn.