Warren Hunke '42

One of the most remarkable things about the Octet is its large, very active, and surprisingly handsome family of alumni. Each year alums from various classes (mostly graduates from the past 15-20 years) make the pilgrimage back to Williams to celebrate Sing-Ins and Homecoming with the current group in the fall and the legendary Winter Study Pub Crawl in January. Every other year on Homecoming day, the Octet alumni congregate in full from locations across the world and graduating classes spanning over 60 years to sing a reunion concert, eat a meal together, have a drink together, and recall past misadventures. These reunions are a big deal. The next one is Fall 2021, celebrating the Octet’s 80th anniversary – stay tuned for more details.

Octet Alumni (1941-2002)

2002 – 1984

Class of 2002
Peter Krause
Daniel Morales

Class of 2001
Justin Deichman
Jacob Jeffries
Duane Lee
Dan Williamson

Class of 2000
Tom Grant
Mike Izquierdo
Andrea Mazzariello
Mark Tanno

Class of 1999
Aaron Dubrow
Eddie Murphy
Matthew Sandoval

Class of 1998
Mike Darowish
Jason Horowitz
Matthew Libbey

Class of 1997
Drew Bunting
Brian Eng
Casey Londergan
Tom Stites
Dan West

Class of 1996
Steve Hufnagel
Rich Kim
Jason Liang

Class of 1995
Chris Dueker
Chris Winters

Class of 1994
Boyce Adams
Crispin Freeman
Brad Mook
Tom Wong

Class of 1993
Chip Becker
Derek Catsam
Ned Johnson
Mark Rigby

Class of 1992
Toby R.J. Elliott
Ronald Eltanal
Donet Dominic Graves Esq.
Logan McDougal

Class of 1991
Christopher Aylott
Marc Daniel Beitz
Jonathan Dailey
Glenn Northern

Class of 1990
William Aprill
Scott Colwell
Andrew Frantz
Robert Johnston
Curtis Tatham III

Class of 1989
Nils Halverson
Martin Hilton
John Nelson III

Class of 1988
Charles Scott Rigby

Class of 1987
Charles David Goforth

Class of 1986
Paul Boocock
Scott Koenig
Richard J. Miller, Jr.
James Pokrant
Kenneth Richardson
Scott Todd
W. Gregg Walker

Class of 1985
Mike Costantino
Bruce Daniel
Tom Loizeaux
Andy “Fish” McElfresh

Class of 1984
Williams Galloway
Mike Winther

1983 – 1941

Class of 1983
Lyman Casey
Rick Gagliano
Tom Hulleberg
Bruce Leddy
George Liddle
Bill Menard

Class of 1982
Mikey Longo
Anthony “A.J.” Moor
Charlie Singer
David Strickland

Class of 1981
Bill “Wm. L.” Hahn
Vern Mackall
Kevin Weist

Class of 1980
Mike “Knothead” Battey
Ben Cart
Steve “Chico” Colella
Charlie “Tuna” Gledhill
Chuck “Tex” Hirsch
Glenn Johnson-Barnes
Paul “Dom Dom” Robinson

Class of 1979
Wayne Wilkins

Class of 1978
Ted Rouse

Class of 1957
John Pritchard

Class of 1956
David Ford

Class of 1955
Eugene Latham
William Pogue
Donald Seymour
Hedrick Smith

Class of 1954
Peter Hillyer
Peter Loizeaux

Class of 1953
John McDermott
Peter McKinney

Class of 1952
Hank Flynt
John Malcom
Kingsley Rice Jr.

Class of 1951
William Holt Jr.
John L. Hornor III
William Paton Jr.

Class of 1950
Richard Palmer
Stephen Rowan
J. Kimball Whitney

Class of 1949
Wallace Barnes
Alexander Clement Jr.

Class of 1948
John Bacon

Class of 1947
Alva Cook Jr.
Richard Crissman
James Curry

Class of 1946
Philip G. Magnusson

Class of 1944
S. Prescott Bush Clement
F. Crunden Cole
Allen F. Maulsby
Henry N. Flynt Jr. (group manager and honorary member)

Class of 1943
Malcom MacGruer

Class of 1942
Thomas Reynolds
Warren Hunke

Class of 1941
Lou Safford
Dudley Tyler