Yep, we finally got our act together and released a new album. Check it out on Spotify, Apple Music, and more!

Live concert videos tend to pop up on the personal Youtube pages of members or their parents. Most of our concerts from the 2009-13 period are here, and those from 2013 are here. Since then, we’ve put subsequent concert videos on our own Youtube page.

We try to record with a professional audio engineer about once a year, and to collect those tracks every few years into a nice-looking CD that we can give to our moms (and dads, other family members, and really anyone willing to listen). A selection of tracks from our 2013 collection “Heating Up”:

Besides a roster of contemporary songs that changes each semester (twice a year), the Octet performs a number of traditionals.

Parting Blessing (Traditional Irish)
Arr: J. Jerome Williams

Please (The Nylons)
Arr: Radin ’87 (Springstreeters)

‘Neath The Shadow Of The Hills (Williams Traditional)
Arr: Safford ’42

Yard By Yard (Williams Traditional)
Arr: Hunke ’42

Come, Fill Your Glasses Up (Williams Traditional)
Arr: Hunke ’42

How Deep Is The Ocean (Irving Berlin)
Arr: Hunke ’42

Gulf War Song (Moxy Früvous)
Arr: Senft ’07

The Parting Glass (Traditional Scottish)
Arr: Steven-Louis Dreyfus ’17