Aaron Finder ’17

1923930_10209179778638395_7362772494752077689_n (1)

JT, Rico Suave, Flounder, A-a-ron

Voice part:
Tenor 2

The Octet (with a concentration in Brazil)

Favorite drink:
Caipirinha (must be drunk while wearing a Neymar kit)

Places in Octet history:
Homecoming Reunion 2013, Sing-Ins 2013 (O Holy Night), The Reckoning, Sing-Ins 2014, the Westport Odyssey, 75th Anniversary Concert (somehow…), The Greatest Trick the Octet Ever Pulled

Trolling the GroupMe, Brazil, croakies, *NSYNC, Jessica Biel, really old Octet jokes, really new Octet jokes, jokes, Joan Rivers (?), talking about the Octet, laughing about the Octet, smiling while thinking about the Octet, Alex Lees, 8-ball tie bars, honesty (to other a cappella groups), lululemon, Brazil

People without a sense of style, plebs, shaven folk, self-awareness

Aaron served as Business Manager for 2014-2015.