Nickname: Huge-ene, “eUgENe amAnKwAH,” Euge, Super-Comeback Kid

Voice Part: Baritone, Beatbox

Major: Achieving Life, minor in tardiness and Bennett

Favorite Drink: Nah, let’s smoke

Places in Octet History: Sing-Ins 2019, Yankees Game 2019, Pub Crawl 2020, The Oc-COVID Hiatus

Likes: Engagements, Sameer, Lying, Quitting, Asking Kenny to snap, Voicemails, Physical education, Codenames, DMV, McDonalds, The Slowpoke meme

Dislikes: Not showering, Phone bitch, “Freshman,” Emaun, Staying till the end of anything

Eugene is serving as Communications Director for 2019 – 2020.