Sam Austin ’14

Hawt Saust, Pendergrast Shmixmeister

Voice part:
Bass, vocal percussion, male soprano


Favorite drink:
Ginger beer

Places in Octet history:
Homecoming Reunion 2013, Pub Crawl 2013, Taylor Swift Sprint, Swarthmore fire alarm

Dunkin, weirding, summer camp, creative nonfiction, prose poetry, being a mashup “artist,” frisbee, athleticism

The TF2 amateur circuit, coming to rehearsal, notes above and including middle C, the Williams Octet

Further reading:

A pun is to Sam Austin what will-o’-the-wisps are to the traveler; he follows it at all adventures; it is sure to lead him out of his way and sure to engulf him in the mire. It has some malignant power over his mind, and its fascinations are irresistible. Whatever be the dignity or profundity of his disquisition, whether he be enlarging knowledge or exalting affection, whether he be amusing attention with incidents or enchaining it in suspense, let but a pun spring up before him and he leaves his work unfinished. A pun is the golden apple for which he will always turn aside from his career or stoop from his elevation. A pun, poor and barren as it is, gives him such delight that he is content to purchase it by the sacrifice of reason, propriety, and truth. A pun is to him the fatal Cleopatra for which he loses the world and is content to lose it.

Sam served asĀ Music Director fromĀ 2013 to 2014.